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Is Fairport Rugby a sport?
Red Raider Rugby is a club sport.  We function as any other team sport except we are not recognized by section five.  We are a member of the New York State Rugby Conference as well as USA Rugby.  That means that we can qualify for regional and national competition.

Is there a boy’s and a girl’s team? Is there a 9th and 10th grade team?
Yes, we have three levels of boys Rugby and a girls team!  All the teams work together to raise funds and often travel together.  However, each team plays a different schedule and practices separately except for special occasions.

Do I need experience?
No.  Nearly all high school rugby players began playing as either a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in high school.  You will be prepared to play rugby the season you start.

Are there cuts?
Only if a player does not attend regular practices and does not complete team obligations.

Where do we play?
Most of our competition is in the Rochester area. Games are also commonly played in Buffalo. We have also traveled to New York City, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Is rugby dangerous?
Rugby is a full-contact sport.  However, statistics show less serious injuries in rugby than in football.

How do I join?
Register on our website or Email us at

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