Rugby 101

Rugby: A game for hooligans played by gentlemen

Rugby is a game without the glam. hold-outs and infamy of popular professional sports. Instead, rugby is about the comeradery of a team, and being a unit to achieve one goal, every player must have the ability to play every aspect of the game, and they do not seek recognition for it.

The game is composed mainly of ideals used in football and soccer, with a little hockey mixed in. Rugby is a continuous game where a player must try to take the ball down to the try zone (similar to an end zone) for a score. A score, or try, is worth 5 points, and after you get to kick for an extra 2 points. You may also score after a penalty and kick a field goal for 3 points.

Beginner Videos:

The link below provides an excellent overview of the game. In this video we hope to broaden your rugby education.

Basic Rules of Rugby



Basic Rugby Rules

Basic Rugby Rules If you’re new to rugby here is a short description of the rules… The game of rugby was invented over one hundred years ago by some Web Ellis in the Rugby School in England. It began as a variation on what is today football and has since spawned American Football. Rugby can …

Beginners Guide to Rugby

A Beginners Guide to Rugby At its best rugby is an exhilarating game full of action. At its worst it can be a frustrating exercise for both spectators and players with the referee continually stopping play for infringements not always obvious to the spectator. In an effort to speed up the game and widen its …


Mouthguard All players on the rugby field must have a mouthguard, a small piece of equipment that the player wears in their mouth over their teeth. It is an essential part of the safety equipment needed to play for rugby. The guard protects the teeth, the gums and it also prevents a player from biting …


Is Fairport Rugby a sport? Red Raider Rugby is a club sport.  We function as any other team sport except we are not recognized by section five.  We are a member of the New York State Rugby Conference as well as USA Rugby.  That means that we can qualify for regional and national competition.   …

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