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Boys: Coach Vakiener

John Vakiener is a New Jersey native and has lived in the Rochester area since 1981 and in Perinton since 1987. He is an employee of Kodak as US Import/Export Regulatory Compliance Manager. He has three children currently involved in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Lacrosse programs in Fairport. Vakiener has nearly 30 years of rugby experience as a player, coach and administrator. He began playing rugby at Lafayette College in 1975. Vakiener also played at Cornell University and then joined the Rochester Aardvarks in 1981. He played nearly every position in the forwards and distinguished himself as a top member of the club for over ten years. Some highlights of his career include a match against Sherwood England in 1979, playing in the US Collegiate Championships with Cornell in 1980-81, two Empire State Games appearances in 1981 and 1982 (and a gold), Upstate Rugby Union Select Side teams 1981-1987, Eastern Rugby Union under 25 select side against Australia under 25 team in 1982, Aardvark Player of the Year in 1984, and Head Coach of the Aardvarks from 1987-1988. Vakiener has been an essential part of Fairport Rugby’s success, serving as the Forwards Coach of FHS RFC since its beginning in 2003. Coach Vakiener holds a USA Rugby Coaching Certificate and is trained in Red Cross CPR and first aid.

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